Nordik Marine Surveyors

Nordik Marine Surveyors' reports are based on recreational marine industry construction and safety standards from Transport Canada, the American Boat & Yacht Council (ABYC), and NFPA Fire Protection Standards.

Insurance Surveys

This type of survey assesses the overall safety and seaworthiness of your vessel and the onboard systems. It documents compliance with applicable Transport Canada and American Boat & Yacht Council (ABYC) standards and guidelines. Your insurance broker and underwriters use this type of survey to ensure that your vessel is an acceptable insurance risk.

Damage Appraisals & Claims

As the name implies, insurance companies commission a damage appraisal survey as part of their investigation into an insurance claim. This type of survey determines the extent of the vessel's damage as the foundation for estimating the cost to repair the damages.

Pre-purchase Appraisal

A pre-purchase appraisal survey is a comprehensive evaluation of the condition of the vessel as a whole and system-by-system. This inspection and report includes a local market price evaluation based on comparable vessels in comparable condition so you can be confident in your purchase offer.


This report is intended to establish or confirm a market value for the vessel based on the specifications and condition. Most often this type of survey report is required for financial (purchase loans, tax-deductible donations) or legal (estates, claims) purposes.

Consulting & Quality Control

For vessel commissioning, refits and construction projects of all sizes, NMS can provide independent walk-through evaluations and progress reports based on years of international experience in yacht project managment.


"Jim Normey with Nordik Marine Surveyors...was extremely helpful answering all our questions and [was] willing to go the extra mile. He spent as much time as it took for us to fully understand what we needed to know. Jim even followed up a few days later with a call to see how everything was and how our trip to our new slip worked out...I would highly recommend anyone looking to get a marine survey done to contact Nordik Marine Surveyors."         Karl R.

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